Front End Loader Compactor

Front End Loader Compactor

  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Compaction Ram
  • Spillage Protection Canopy
  • Body and Packer Panel
  • Reverse Lights
  • Cab Protector
  • Access Ladders
  • Induction Hardeened Lift Cylinder Rods
  • Rear Compaction Chamber
  • Arms and Forks

Spillage Protection Canopy

This canopy is also a pressed and ribbed design. The canopy is however hinged to the body at the joint of the canopy and body. It is secured in the closed position by a turnbuckle on either side.A hand pump situated behind the cab is operated from ground level and a single centrally mounted cylinder lifts the canopy to allow tilting of the cab.

Rear Compaction Chamber

The compaction chamber acts as the storage compartment for the collected refuse while the FEL is collecting refuse and being filled. The rear half of the body is of clean skin (i.e. No ribs) and bowed design. The bowed floor, side and roof panels give a light weight but full-strength compartment to receive and store the compacted refuse. The joint of the bowed sides and floor where mating with the square of the load box act as a holding edge for the compacted refuse allowing the packer panel to withdraw and receive the next load with minimum spring back of the compacted refuse.

Arms and Forks

The arms are fabricated from high tensile plate and rolled flat bar and welded to give a high strength box section, to give strength and rigidity in both directions. The arms are shaped so that they work around the cab allowing the driver to enter or exit the cab at all times. The fork assembly is mounted to the front of the arms and is controlled by two cylinders. The arms and forks are manipulated by the driver using the joystick. A smooth full arc picks up with virtually no spill can be achieved. The arms remain in the rear position during travel thus affording the driver normal vision and front clearance in road conditions.

Compaction Ram

The ram is shaped to give a small vertical compaction face at the bottom of the ram and a sloping and curled upper face. This shape gives solid compaction on the bottom third of the body while containing the waste on the upper two third of the body. This top waste drops down as the ram cycles for compaction allowing progressive compaction of the load.
The ram is powered by two telescopic hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders (manufactured in S.A) have hard chrome surfaces and are manufactured to a high standard. They are mounted in cross over formation.
The packing and ejection cycles are controlled from the cab by the driver who operates the "half pack" cycle during collection and the eject cycle when emptying the load.

Skip Bins

Duncanmec Skip Bins are manufactured with the highest quality steel with strength in mind.
Duncanmec Produces a wide range of Skip Bins and sizes, such as:
  • 5.5m³ Rear End Loader Skip Bins
  • 6m³ Skip Bins
  • 6m³ Leak Proof Skip Bins
  • 9m³ Skip Bins
  • 11m³ Skip Bins
  • Front End Loader Bins
  • Lidded Bins - Steel or Plastic Lids

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